You need the right tools to be professional

30 Mar, 2021, 5:35 AM

You need the right tools to be professional
Written August 30, 2018

A very common error among the public and technician alike is to not marry the correct connector with the correct cable – it is a precision thing. To reduce faults in digital television pictures the centre conductor and the shield must be connected in a precise manner. The shield connection in digital antenna installations is critical if great results under all weather conditions is to be achieved.

Gilbert Connectors and American company first bought the F connector to Australia in the late 1970’s. I was fortunate enough to be trained by the market leader and I know very few people really know how to connect a “F’ connector correctly.

What has changed is not the technique but the cost of a good F connector for digital television antenna installations is about one tenth of what it was – so there is no excuse.

Following you will find an image of a device that has totally disintegrated for reason we do not exactly know but if you look carefully you will see the crimps have distorted the cable and this customer in the beginning did suffer with intermittent pixilation until the passive device became non-existent. This interruption to their television digital pictures was caused by the poor installation technique of the installer.

Note the distortion in the connector. The cable has been flattened suggesting it has been done with a pair of pliers rather than a proper sized crimping tool.

Good and consistent digital television results depend on doing each bit just right. That is the standard at Wilkgard Technology Group.


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