The major Shareholders of Wilkgard Technology Group Pty. Ltd. have been in the RF industry since 1966. We have created various entities in that time including explorer RV Reception Systems, Deeper Image Television, DIB Australia, Skybeam Antennas, Trevor Wilkinson Video Services Pty. Ltd and Cablevision.

Today we use our expertise and knowledge to manufacture, source and supply RF products and accessories directly to market. We buy at the best prices, only buy great quality or manufacture our own.
We have manufactured monitors in Australia for QANTAS. We have project managed the Australian Open RF and AV resources for 20 years. We have provided maintenance for all airports around Australia with a network of able technicians. Assisted in the rollout of 5 channels for regional Australia. Helped SBS get off the ground with our knowledge of signal and antennas. We were the first to use Fibre, designed the concept of thru the wall for caravans, sponsored the first TAFE courses on signal and MATV and were instrumental in setting up an Association that guaranteed technical excellence. The first concept of Do-it-self in our Industry was created by us back in 70’s. Ask us about the industry and as the major shareholders we have lived the journey!

Our latest venture, this marketplace web site dedicated to all things Radio frequency features not only product we have sourced or made but will offer a range of product from others sold under their own banner including RF safety products and methods of reducing radiation in your environment. RF is a big subject and our lives today include the use of RF every day.

Our Team

We have put together a team with a unique range of skills.  Behind the scenes we are also applying leading edge technologies which is allowing us to hire, employ and contract individuals with the skills required to get a specified job done.  Start, Change and Stop is the cycle of action and to be successful you must finish a task whether short or long to expand.

Business plan and key executive:   Sally Garden   supported now by 11 other shareholders who are providing their own special brand of experience and skill.

In addition, we have contracted staff numbering 8 who are team members who over a week add their bit of magic to the team.  This all adds up to an efficient team specialising in unique programs to bring about our manufacturing, warehousing, and administrative systems using what is good about digital – the transfer of information at lightening speeds.

We are heading to foster manufacturing, foster groups that can educate and pass on knowledge and provide opportunities for others to flourish and prosper. Everyone deserves it!

Sally Garden
Executive Director & Founder


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