How Safe is 5G Wireless Radiation? US Ruling on Wireless Radiation Safety Standards.

13 Oct, 2021, 4:33 AM

How Safe is 5G Wireless Radiation?

Click Here for the EMR Australia Announcement  regarding  –  “The US pubic has won a landmark victory on Federal Safety Standards for wireless radiation”.

Click here for the EMR Press Conference.

“The Historic Court Ruling  in the case of Environmental Health Trust et al.V. the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)b found the FCC violated the Administrative Procedure Act because the FCC’s 2019 decision not to update its 1996 exposure limits failed to address impacts of long -term wireless exposure, failed to address unique impacts to children, failed to address the testimony of people injured by wireless radiation, failed to address to address impacts to wildlife and the environment, and failed to address impacts to the developing brain and reproduction,.

The Court remanded the issue back to the FCC for reasoned decision making on numerous issues. ”


A letter, sent as an email in May 2020,  asking our own ruling body  the  “Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency” how we set our limits here in Australia, revealed that they follow the international standards and limits. These from the above court ruling show that they were set in 1996 and not updated since; and long before the use of such high frequencies and in the level of wide spread use as they are today. The court ruling above demonstrates that his is insufficient and needs addressing urgently.  See the letter and response reproduced below.


I am interested in any scientific testing that has been completed using a control group/unit. My areas of interest are:

  1. PH and soil,
  2. Blood and oxygenation,
  3. Hearing and Blockages,
  4. Vaccines containing metal and 5G wavelengths,
  5. Actual testing of the mass created by these wave lengths in electrical fields and potential charge.

The list could go on and on so what I am looking for is any sort of real scientific test that was done and a copy of the results.

Kind regards

Sally G

The response….

Hi Sally,

Thank you for your email.

I understand that you are interested in scientific testing that has been completed in your areas of interest. Your areas of interest seem to relate to the effects of 5G radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic energy (EME).

This is a highly active area of study with thousands of studies and papers being published worldwide. Our team of scientists conduct regular literature reviews and remain abreast of all new published works.

There are many major reviews that summarise a large body of evidence regarding exposure to radio waves and health.

An example is Public Health England’s review by the Independent Advisory Group on Non-ionising Radiation titled “HeaIth effects from radiofrequency electromagnetic fields” data/file/33308 O/RCE-20 Health Effects RF Electromagnetic fields.pdf

Here is another good review by the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (link).

Although exposure to RF EME has shown some effects on insects in laboratory experiments, ecological studies that do exist generally report little or no evidence of a significant environmental impact. The studies that do show an effect suffer from poor scientific method and the reported effect of EMF exposure cannot be separated from other environmental factors. It is well established that animals and plants have natural responses to electromagnetic fields (EMF) including migratory patterns and pollination. The bio mechanisms of these responses have not been firmly established and there are competing theories that continue to be investigated. There is limited research addressing any direct adverse effects of EMF, like tissue damage, death or disturbance of ecosystems. A report endorsed by the European Union on the impacts of artificial electromagnetic radiation on wildlife (flora and fauna) was released in 2018, which can be accessed here. ARPANSA continues to review the research into the potential health effects of EMF emissions including to flora and fauna.

More literature can be found in the EMF portal, where you can search for papers in your areas of interest. More information about 5G and health can also be found on the ARPANSA website. You could also look at information relating to 5G RF EME on websites such as The World Health Organisation (WHO) and The International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation (ICNIRP).

ARPANSA’s sets RF exposure limits via a Standard, which is designed to protect people of all ages and health status against all known adverse health effects. The ARPANSA RF Standard is based on scientific research that shows the levels at which harmful effects occur and it sets limits, based on international guidelines, well below these harmful levels. The Australian Communications and Media Authoritv (ACMA) is responsible for regulating telecommunications sources to make mandatory the exposure limits set by ARPANSA.

At RF EME levels below the limits set in the standard and at the low levels associated with telecommunications infrastructure, such as base stations, it is the assessment of ARPANSA and international organisations such as WHO and ICNIRP that there is no established scientific evidence to support long term adverse health effects from these exposures. The frequencies used by the 5G network are covered with the standard.

I hope that this information has been useful. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.



The “Talk to a Scientist” Team

Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency

619 Lower Plenty Road, Yallambie VIC 3085, AUSTRALIA