What is RF

“Radio Frequency” but what does that mean. There is scale or gradient which starts at Light and ends with solid matter. This is a very big spectrum. This same spectrum houses the signals for Television, mobile phones, radios, 2-way radio, satellite, am radio broadcasts, micro links, exray, radar, emergency services etc. They are simply a wave that travels through the air and what makes them different is the number of waves that flow in any given second (time). Example: Television say 200 million waves per second. FM radio 104 million waves per second.

Each channel has their own special allocation of waves and that is why the TV can tune into them and identify each one.

The range of product is ever increasing from microwave ovens to stoves, medical equipment, baby monitors, mobiles, NBN and the list goes on. It is part of our life and to this end we all need to understand a bit more about it. We are literally surrounded by it. It is environmental pollution We at Wilkgard are looking to find the best of products, those that deliver on their specifications and support their products with great service. We are particularly interested in attracting the manufacturers of product and making Australia great again – not dependent upon others to provide the vital technology of 2021. As a child we are taught to be independent and responsible and we too as a nation need to do the same.

This web site is being developed to highlight the best of products in the RF industry. To do this we must invite others to participate with us. Over the coming 12 months this is what we will be doing.

Sally Garden

What we offer with the Wilkgard and explorer brand

Communication is the essential ingredient in any activity. Generally, customers want to understand and have enough information, facts and concepts that they can then make their own decision: after all it is for them. Our own products over time will feature animations where appropriate, PDF documents and instructions. The stem of rubbish products, disappointments and poor standards needs to be addressed and to that degree we need a team that does know because they have statistics to prove it.

We make it as easy as possible by offering the best of any product type and gently explaining in a language that can be understood or an analogy that communicates the concept which in our opinion is what is needed to solve the problem. This is successful and when done well boosts the customers confidence and generates new sales and wonderful Public Relations.

The major shareholders Sally Garden and Trevor Wilkinson have been leaders in the industry for many years and our attitude and approach is the customer is the VIP unless he/she proves otherwise.

So, when we say the customer is the VIP, we mean it!


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