Weird effects of poor quality signal

6 Apr, 2021, 6:44 AM

Written: May 18,2016

Weird effects of poor quality signal

Have you ever been watching your favourite program and all of sudden it pixilates or the screen announces “no signal”?

This is a phenomenon often called “cliff edge”.

What this really means is – there is no tolerance left in your signal for any further errors in the data packets.

How do the errors get there I can hear you saying!

Well when the signal levels fall to an unacceptable level or the noise level increases in the signal, errors start to appear in the packets of data that is being sent using the signal as the carrier. When these errors become too high the processor in your TV can no longer interpret the data packets. A Digital signal is composed of data packets.

You may have noticed that one TV will work while another will not. This is because the processors in TV’s vary a lot. Our observation on this is not to do with brand anymore rather model. One model is excellent while another is very poor! Result – one will work while the other does not.

What is the Cure

Getting back to the problem. The “cliff edge” can be reached on a single channel or all channels but the cure is always the same improve the quality of the TV signal.

We had a job this week in a retirement village where all that had to be done was change the outlet and fly lead. The errors immediately dropped and the pictures came back!

We cannot stress enough the absolute need for good connections and cable.





Sally Garden
RF Consultant Founder
Wilkgard Technology Group P/L