TV Antenna Versus Satellite Dish Advantages and Disadvantages

13 Apr, 2021, 7:15 AM

Written: May 8, 2018

In this blog we are discussing about the TV Antenna vs Satellite Dish advantages and disadvantages.

We have a number of satellite delivery services in Australia today including the pay service Foxtel. Vast is another satellite service which is the national system set up to cover areas of no terrestrial TV signal. Designed for households known as black spot areas. Caravanners can also have access to vast for off air free television. The only downside is you get no local content and you have to apply every 6 months to use it and again when you change states.

The main advantage of the satellite system is that it will get god reception usually in those far away places that are not served by local TV. Of course you do not get any local news of what’s happening in the local area. No adverts to let you know about the local dinning options etc. These days there are other options. The disadvantages is of course the large size of the dish to carry around the difficulty in setting them up – although has been made less difficult with modern satellite finders. They are also prone to being disturbed by either wind or people or animals when they are on or low to the ground. They also can be blocked by trees or buildings  just as terrestrial antennas can. 


Antenna systems are perfectly adequate

Antenna systems are perfectly adequate for most states as we have some 4000 plus transmitters covering the states of Queensland, Victoria, NSW and Tasmania. It is true that South Australia and Western Australia do not have the coverage of other states.

Rumours are spread that Antennas will not work which is incorrect. Unfortunately, the industry sells poor quality products and people continue to buy when they have a problem. The problem gets solved locally but when they move on the new antenna does not work. Our statistics say many, if not most, caravanners buy 5 antennas before getting it right. Explorer caravan systems work- 15 years on – as our customers keep telling us.

Wilkgard Technology Group is a specialist RF company with close to 50 years of experience. A caravan antenna is a unique device not a local antenna dressed up to be a caravan antenna. However, if you want the outback places and television with minimum fuss then our new portable all complete system will suit you.

If you have questions regarding television reception whether for your RV vehicle or home, apartment or village then you can call or email us and we can offer sound advice based on technical knowledge experience and results.

Sally Garden
RF Consultant Founder
Wilkgard Technology Group P/L