The Throw Away Habits of the 21 st Century

30 Mar, 2021, 6:23 AM

The Throw Away Habits of the 21 st Century
Written: August 30, 2018

The industry known as Television is lurching its way into a new era. Gone are the days when you buy your television with an expectation of it lasting at least 10 years.

Even if the television set itself lasted that distance, today’s television technology will not be compatible with the recordings, signal and program formats yet to be invented.

However, one item that can last that long is the antenna that delivers the signal.

As in almost every other area of manufacturing, we have seen the influence of Chinese manufacturing in the antenna industry too, where they copy the Japanese, Europeans, Americans and Australians. Some three years ago the Chinese copied a great Australian product made for the start-up of the UHF markets but they made a real botch of it.

You cannot just copy. Without really understanding, the copier often misses important subtleties. The copied device is sold with no regard to performance, on the basis that the original worked, they want it, and that the copy is the same thing.


We are seeing this in the antenna industry, where copies fall short of being totally dependable. As time goes on that lack of dependability will be further exposed as the device suffers from rusting, as the environment continues to build up, and as additional spurious signals increase.

The additional factor we have noticed is that non-linear performance of the antenna can create complications, especially as it ages.

At Deeper Image we decided to conduct some comparative analysis, because we are generally 10% or so dearer than our competition:

Our warranty is genuine:

  • It is backed by more than 22 years in business in the same location, and by all the insurance cover needed under the law.

Technical ability:

Absolutely no comparison! We have a genuine understanding of the subject, and are willing to keep working for a successful result on every single occasion.
Materials: Our capital city antenna is manufactured in Australia, for our conditions.


Our product is ideal for DIY since it has such good performance that it will either run multiple outlets or be strong enough to cover those difficult locations.


The standard is a cut above the rest, as our model has two separate antennas – one for VHF (channels 2, 7, 9, 10) and one for UHF (Channel 28). The separate circuits then are fed into a combiner called a diplexer. It is this feature that achieves the superior performance and stability.

Written by

Sally Garden


Wilkgard Technology Group