Technology can create confusion

29 Mar, 2021, 6:09 AM

Technology can create confusion
April 27, 2108

I have been in the industry for over 45 years and the pace of change leaves my head spinning, so I have no doubt the consumer must feel overwhelmed if technology is not a natural interest. We find ourselves in many homes where good money has been spent on technology that does not get used.

This can often be caused by the shopper not really understanding what the sales person is selling and rather than plead ignorance go ahead and buy what appears to be a new beaut tool or aid to make life easier but in practice it turns out to be more difficult than expected.

This has given rise to the organisations offering to teach the shopper in the home how to use his or her equipment. Children or grandchildren come to the rescue most often which is great but they seldom empower the adult to use the equipment from that point forward; rather they get it going again until the wrong button is pressed once again. Recent years has seen a great rise in this service call.

Deeper Image Television offer a consulting service based on a thorough knowledge of not only what is available but how to tease out what the customer really wants rather than overwhelming with a number of options. This is a real skill and to do it successfully you need knowledge and people skills combined with a communication skill that can phrase the right question.

Deeper Image Television can do this and our customers both potential and existing are encouraged to use our wealth of knowledge to get some answers before making major purchases for their current home or a new home that is being planned.

Satellite, off air television, Foxtel, smart recording devices supplied by Telstra, Optus , Foxtel and others, IT networks both wireless or cabled are all technologies offered in the modern home. To this you can add home automation, computer requirements and the integration of hand held devices – in other words quite a muddle.

So call us to help navigate the confusion to help get what you need rather than overwhelm you.