Sounds Simple so why is it so hard sometimes to find a signal?

13 Apr, 2021, 6:56 AM

Several factors can affect this:

  • Environment – Television signals obey the physical universe and bounce of anything solid. Hills, trees, well you name it, can weaken the signal. Also, the further the signal has to travel the weaker it gets. A good antenna will be able to function effectively despite the barriers.
  • Inferior antenna – As stated above the antenna needs to be able to grab signal in all sorts of environments as it is expected that a caravan will be travelling here, there and everywhere in varied environments. But in addition to this, it needs to be able to pick up the different types of television signals. Sometimes your caravan may be in an area that only transmits a vertical signal. If your antenna is only able to receive horizontal signals and is unable to be adjusted simply by turning it, it will not be able to receive it. It sounds crazy but around 80% of antennas that are on caravans today are unable to be turned vertically to pick up a vertical signal.
  • Inferior cables – Another common problem is low quality or faulty cables. Think of it like a hose. If the hose gets a kink in it, the water will only come out in dribbles, and the same applies for a signal travelling down a cable.

Many years ago at Wilkgard, the manufacturer of the explorer Product Range, only sold antennas. They are the best on the market. But it routinely came up that shoddy cables were the prime culprit in signal difficulties and therefore reducing the effectiveness of the antenna. Our Research and Development team got to work producing cables that would work 100% of the time as well as specially designed fittings that were either galvanisied steel, aluminium or stainless steel that would withstand any weather and not rust on your caravan. We also developed the “Thru the Wall” connection kit which improved signal power without changing the antenna. Today our Antenna System (including cables and wall plates) are still going strong.

Explorer has developed a range of complete systems to suit any situation.

The Nomad Antenna

  • This is our “Top of the Range” travel anywhere and everywhere amplified Antenna. The amplifier comes with a filter that eliminates interference known as pixilation.

The East Coast

  • This antenna is for travel on the East Coast of Australia. It is ideal for well-populated areas where TV pictures are easily achieved.

The Optimizer

  • This antenna is set up for canvas. Like the East Coast, TV pictures are easily achieved in small community difficult spots.

The Upgrade Kit

  • This is for existing explorer users wanting the best digital pictures.


The Antenna is not a single item it is a complete kit. It contains- Antenna, connections, cable, TV plate, Short Fly Lead and more. – All together to bring you great pictures.

So, the key here is to have an antenna system that meets the specifications of picking a signal in any environment and on any frequency.

Sally Garden
RF Consultant Founder
Wilkgard Technology Group P/L