Relationships, Television Pictures and the importance of Product knowledge on the road

13 Apr, 2021, 5:31 AM

Human emotion and reaction are very visible when the favourite Television show is on and the picture keeps pixelating.

We have known even a TV screen to be broken. Marriages become strained. This is particularly true of the caravanner who is saying “is that right now” and the answer comes back “no”.

Product and Subject Knowledge is Important

A lot of the problem is because companies today and individuals are offering services without any real fundamental knowledge of the service or product they are offering.

Recently an imported van arrived in our workshop for the repair of a “Jack” antenna. The owner said it never worked from the first instance it was installed. This was an antenna with a built in mast head amplifier. (refer to our blog on boosters/amplifiers). The owner also had a foldaway antenna which he used when signal was in abundance. They had attempted to marry the two methods into one and completely botched the job. There was no way it would ever work as voltages were reversed (not harmful just 12 volt dc) but the result was no signal. They had used adaptors in quantity, poor quality short leads which all added up to a disaster.

The Jack antenna includes a high powered mast head amplifier unfortunately, which means in extremely weak signal situations it will not work – too much gain with not enough signal input will make the amplifier spit out noise , not a picture.

The purpose of the mast head amplifier built in is to boost weak signals. It will not do this as the sensitivity is very poor. It will work in regions of reasonable signal levels but it is possible in high signal levels it will overload the Television set. Unfortunately the power to it cannot be turned off. Again explorer Product Range have covered this eventuality in their design. You can bypass our amplifier when signal levels are high.

We have included pictures of the poor products provided by uneducated organisations that offer fixes without any real knowledge of what parts and how to use. Our customer has been working on the assumption he did not really know what he was doing. No-one could have got it to work. He was advised that it will probably only work only 60% of the time (if lucky) as the power of the amplifier will destroy very weak signals.


It is a pity that companies when importing product to sell through a network of distributors do not seek advice from professionals before placing the product on the market with some simple tweaking before release to the market a “Jack” could be improved.

Television signal is an energy with very particular characteristics. To perform they must have a receiving device that matches the energy being transmitted. This is the very basic fundamental.

There is a very old saying which fits – you cannot make a silk purse out of a soar’s ear” In other words you cannot bypass basic physics and expect a great result. Something that all convenient devices are attempting to do!

So if you are spending time and upsetting your partner trying to get a picture – give us a call and get a real answer.



Sally Garden
RF Consultant Founder
Wilkgard Technology Group P/L