MATV Systems and the Body Corporate

6 Apr, 2021, 2:18 AM

Written: November 3, 2017

Deeper Image Television has the know-how to fix or install television systems with multiple outlets .

This type of system is known as an MATV system (Master Antenna TV System), meaning one antenna having many TVs feeding off it.


When colour television commenced it meant that many units, flats, apartments, hotels, caravan parks, schools and businesses had to have the reception systems replaced or upgraded. Digital television was another major change to the way we receive television into our homes, offices and lives. (The old analogue TV system was phased out across Australia by the end of 2013.)


At the time we converted to colour, there were minimal ways to handle the switchover; you either had it or you didn’t. Today there are many approaches to receiving and handling digital television signals, a good number of which are not suitable in a particular situation.

Despite all the options, there will be one that is more ideal than the others, for a number of reasons:

  • Budget
  • Existing cabling standard
  • Type of services needed
  • Existing antenna
  • Existing amplifiers and signal control equipment
  • Paid TV services
  • Satellite requirements
  • Telephone and Internet Requirements
  • Needs and requirements of end users

This is not a complete list, but does give an indication of how upgrading existing MATV systems or installing a new service needs proper research.

Doing your Research 

If you do your research well, you will discover the needs of the people who are going to use it. Lack of research into the needs of the end-user has cost body corporate organisations many hundreds if not thousands of dollars, and left body corporate members with very little to show for the money they have spent.

It is not just the media or pictures that are important, but also there needs to be assurance that the installation gets carried out to a high standard.

Good Installation Techniques

Good installation techniques lead to the provision of out-of-sight cabling, a strong signal to all antenna points, and equipment that all works reliably to deliver the services you want.

The installation of an entertainment cabling system means capital expenditure, so you will want that investment back when selling the property. The installation is only valuable when it works well and looks good.

For example, you may have an apartment block with occupants having a number of nationalities. There may be a need for satellite TV for some but not for others. Everyone pays for the basic system, but only those wanting the satellite pictures will pay for that additional service.

Head Ends (signal amplifiers that are installed in plant rooms or communications cabinets) are being improved all the time. Many different options are now available from the world’s leading manufacturers in terms of what signals are received and passed on to the end user. For example, Free-to-Air TV, Pay TV, Satellite TV, FM radio, security camera systems, and the Internet, to name a few. The choice of which product you will use to run the systems requires a sound knowledge of what is available if you are to get the best value.