Loyal customers stick with us!

6 Apr, 2021, 2:02 AM

Written: 30 August, 2018

Deeper Image goes the extra mile!

In this article we will look at solving an interesting problem reception and start with a commercial client who has been with us since 1993.

We first met Arie when he called regarding his first hotel the “Astoria” in Spencer Street Melbourne.

He explained that he could not get any, or at best very little, watchable television for his guests. This was hurting his fledgling hotel business and he needed a solution now.

I think at first he thought “What would a woman really know?” But results soon proved that, when it comes to signal, Sally Garden knows a lot.

A thorough inspection revealed that we did indeed have to find a way to bring usable signals to the hotel. The existing cabling could be used, but a source of signal was needed. The hotel was swallowed up by taller surrounding buildings and completely cut off from the signals from the Mount Dandenong Transmitter.

Finding a Solution!

The Astoria’s neighbour, William Angliss TAFE, was a customer of ours so we approached them for approval to put an antenna on their roof that could receive signals from Bendigo.

First we had to test to ensure that we could receive enough signal at the antenna to facilitate the cabling across to the Astoria’s back fences. This was arranged, and soon done with great success using our Visionleader Antenna, which worked beautifully and received Bendigo UHF signals of a quality that could be amplified and distributed.

Getting it Done!

Over a weekend we completed the installation, provided additional amplification within the Astoria Hotel, and patched it into the existing distribution system. This resulted in a very impressed customer, since he had invited a number of other reception companies to try to fix the problem. But it was Deeper Image Television – and more particularly Sally Garden – who solved his problem!

Over the years, Deeper Image Television continued to service the needs of the Astoria Hotel with great success. So naturally, when he built his first multi-Storey hotel next to the Astoria. This is a forty story building, and again Arie came to Deeper Image Television for guidance and options.

The Atlantis (the new hotel) is part of the Best Western group, and we wish Arie and his team a bright and prosperous future in his and their new venture.