How Useful is a Signal finder?

12 Apr, 2021, 8:18 AM

Signal Finders are promoted to Caravaners as an easy way to find the wanted signal.

I would suggest today that a good quality APP is a much better approach.

An App will give you information on

  • Channel
  • Power
  • Direction of the transmitter
  • In addition, it will tell you whether the signal is sent from the transmitter in a vertical or horizontal pattern (super important to know) The waves sent through the air are very different.

The better apps tell you everything you need to know.

We recently had an enquiry regarding a signal finder and were concerned to find out that signal finders are being promoted with a built-in Booster. This is a very poor approach and very likely to give more problems than it solves.

Most caravan antennas even the poor ones offer a booster as part of the deal. You cannot use 2 boosters and expect a better picture. What you will get is more noise in your signal and therefore more pixilation or even worse a message that says “no signal”.

This offer by distributors or suppliers shows a complete lack of understanding of signals and how additional amplification adds noise to the signal and not actual signal. This would be disastrous in low signal areas.

Having spent most of my working life dealing with signals, connections and cables I am continually dismayed to learn how offers are given to the public without any real understanding or knowledge of the subject they are selling product for.

Establishing a standard and updating that as technology became available

My resume reads: One of the first fibre links for Melbourne Airport. First to bounce signals of a sheer glass wall and deliver signals to a leading hotel in Melbourne. Delivered viewable and reliable TV signals to Flinders Island. Project Managed the Australia Open for all signal picture needs including management of all links to outside broadcasts for 12 years. First to use the digital standard “F” connectors and aluminium cables well before they became the standard. First to use various pieces of hardware well before their common acceptance. Copied by my peers -who have less knowledge and knowhow – more times than I can remember. First to develop a caravan antenna product that really would work in a mobile situation. Sponsored the first course in TAFE on the subject of TV signals. I have long taken an interest in establishing a standard and updating that as technology became available – including education of others in it’s use.


Sally Garden
RF Consultant Founder
Wilkgard Technology Group P/L