Good TV Viewing on the Road

10 Apr, 2021, 2:21 AM

We sometimes criticise our Communications Ministry for poor choices, but when you consider we have nearly 5000 transmitters across the country, we are not doing too badly.

That is one transmitter for every 5200 people.

The regions not covered by city, regional or small community transmitters or translators as they are:

  • Northern part of the SA state
  • Much of North and Central WA
  • Southern part of Northern Territory

All other areas have a transmitter or transmitters available.

There has been a big swing to Satellite dishes because the basic of receiving TV reception has not been understood and the sale of dishes has been promoted by those who will benefit from the sale. The administration associated with the satellite option is a chore.

Understanding Free-to-Air Signal in Australia

In Australia our Free -to-Air signals come in 2 formats. Horizontal and Vertical polarity.

Even the manufacturers of  Vans who put round (Omni-directional) things on roofs do not understand this!

This is then exacerbated by the following fact:

Small output transmitters are often polarised in a vertical pattern and a fixed antenna cannot be adjusted into the vertical plane for this type of signal transmission – result no picture and TV antennas get a bad name. But really it is a lack of knowledge both from the caravanner and the manufacturer alike. Good decisions are based on facts not hearsay.

A flexible directional antenna system that has options in placement and height adjustment and can be rotated into the vertical position or Horizontal position is always going to give you a better signal in more places and is often the difference between a picture and “No Signal” on your screen!

The more you learn about the subject the more control and the better results you will have – just as in any other endeavor. Of course we have taken care of the technical difficulties and our products provide you with all of the above. Still knowing the subject will help you get the most out of yet.

Sally Garden
Founder/Research Wilkgard Technology Group P/L