Getting the Signal through your Van Wall without losses

6 Apr, 2021, 5:59 AM

Written: July 12, 2016

Getting the signal through your Van Wall without losses

Anyone with a mobile vehicle and a television set has to take the signal received outside of your RV vehicle and bring it into the interior of your unit.

You can do this in a number of ways:

  • String the co-axial cable thru the window, door, floor or any opening that presents itself.
  • Drill a hole and pass the coaxial cable thru the wall of the vehicle
  • Fit a socket on the outside of the caravan, run a cable thru the walls of caravan and fit a second socket inside the caravan. (commonly used)


It was observed many years ago that the general handling of this aspect of the mobile caravan antenna was poorly done resulting in a loss of signal.

  • What happens to water when the fitting on the hose is loose?
  • What happens to the water if the hose is damaged in anyway?
  • What happens to water when the pipes become too rusty?

Although, we are not talking about water but the analogy gives you some mass on what happens to signal when it encounters barriers like poor quality connectors, poor terminations of the cable onto the connector, rusty fittings, poor cable, damaged cable etc.

The signal is impacted and signal levels may be reduced, but absolutely will be degraded.

In digital language many information packet errors (Bit error rate) will occur resulting in pixilation which you observe on the TV set as signal break ups – usually this is one part of the picture or if really bad it can be the whole picture an a “no signal” will appear on the screen.


explorer Product Range connection kits solve this problem. We came up with the idea many years ago and have been much copied – if inferiorly done so, which is still very flattering. We see more today than ever before.

Our connection kits now suit satellite frequencies as well as television frequencies.

explorer Product Range Connection kits protect you against pixilation or poor pictures due to poor technical application and understanding. They also provide years of trouble free service and losses due to cable breakage inside the wall or cables being crushed to fit inside a 25 mm wall – right angle sharp bends destroy the cables impedance and therefore present a further barrier to the signal flow. The higher the frequencies received the more important this all is.

Happy Caravanning!

Sally Garden
RF Consultant Founder
Wilkgard Technology Group P/L