Getting the Picture on the road

6 Apr, 2021, 7:59 AM

Written: November 29, 2018

Buy Right! Buy once!

Getting the picture on the road you want requires a little bit of effort to understand what is actually needed to get that result.

While getting a TV antenna for your caravan is relatively inexpensive, it still makes sense to get a basic understanding of what should be a ‘one time only’ purchase.

The fact some caravanners, by survey, will actually end up buying four or five different antennas before they get it right.  It pays to do your homework.

The antenna type is not the same as your antenna at home. Your antenna at home does not move – it works on five channels. It looks at the same transmitter or channels all the time. The caravan antenna moves from place to place and has to work on any transmitter. There are some 4000 plus transmitters ready to deliver a signal in either a horizontal or vertical pattern.

This is a very significant difference and an understanding of what that means is crucial. Go to a specialist, do some study yourself so you understand it has to work on some 40 different channels in both a vertical or horizontal pattern.

You can then exercise some judgement on your purchasing decisions – a desirable thing.

It is important to remember that it is not only an antenna but a system. You’ll need mounting, vertical and horizontal change capability, a mast of some sort, good cable, good connections with or without a booster.

You can have a good antenna and mounting and still be let down by bad connections or poor cable – which equals poor results.

So it pays to do your homework. These blogs are a good start. But feel free to send us any questions you need answered on this subject sop you can make the right choice!

Happy Caravanning.