Digital Signal is very Robust and very Reliable but

6 Apr, 2021, 7:10 AM

Digital Signal is very Robust and very Reliable but ..

On a recent call we came across this installation. The antenna was sited in a very high signal zone and has worked pretty well for more than 10 years. Note in the picture how the cable has been connected to the boom of the antenna and basically to the pole, roof, house etc. All the structures are interconnected.

The owner said pixilation was a problem but not bad enough to do anything about until he changed his screen to a high definition type. Then the errors in the signal become obvious. We believe an electrician did the job originally but we have seen many strange things over the past 40 plus years.

Needless to say we replaced the antenna with one we recommend of European design that uses quality materials and his pictures were almost 3D looking.

It always amazes me that individuals do not ask how something is done rather than guessing or assuming.


Sally Garden
RF Consultant Founder
Wilkgard Technology Group P/L