Deeper Image Television Success Stories – Case Study: Job Number 12885

6 Apr, 2021, 1:48 AM

Written: August 30, 2018.

What our customers have told us:

Every now and then, a job comes along that just plain leaves the technician scratching his head wondering what to do next. These are the kinds of jobs we love tackling, here at Deeper Image Television.

The customer’s residence sits at the bottom of a hill in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. The television signal comes from the other side of the hill. The customer could not get a clear picture on a digital television using our standard antenna installation practices.

We had to come up with a customised solution that enabled a clean signal to reach the television. Our technical staff found the solution to the problem using their years of experience in dealing with problem reception. The problem was that the television signal was bouncing off the crest of the hill and splitting up before it reached the antenna.

This meant that instead of a single unified signal the customer was receiving a number of signals that were out of phase. This caused the customers old analogue TV images to slightly ghost – i.e. two versions of the same image appeared on the screen at the same time, but slightly apart. It was hardly noticeable and the customer was able to watch television with minimal fuss.

When the customer installed a digital television calamity occurred. There was no way to get a clean picture. It would pixelate or freeze, if it showed up at all.

After a number of tries, we finally found the solution: a stack of two VHF Band 3 antennas to capture a clear signal, plus a UHF antenna to enable the reception of SBS and Community TV stations, all hanging off a 5-metre mast. Once the antennas were properly tuned, the customer was able to enjoy digital television on all channels with minimal interference.

Until he installed a digital television, our customer was receiving so-so reception. Once the digital TV was installed, he could not get any decent reception at all. Deeper Image Television fixed the problem. Below is the customer’s feedback (after the job was completed).

An interview with the customer:

What is the TV picture like now?

Very good picture, very clear and works well.

What was the attitude of the staff at Deeper Image like?
The staff were very good, polite, and listen to our problem. They always did their best and [the technician] is a nice boy.

How would you describe the attitude of Deeper Image to solving your problem?
They showed very good tenacity in solving the problem, really spent time, and took a personal interest in the problem and resolving it.

How would you describe your dealings with Deeper Image and its staff?
We think they have been very good. We thought that they would lose interest after a short while and that would be the end of us. It was a difficult problem: the new digital meter said everything should be great, yet the image kept pixilating. But they came back with always a good attitude and handled it, and that was a pleasant surprise!

Solving Problem Reception has been a major reason why customers choose Deeper Image together with the support and job professionalism. We take pride in our work and our customers , as you can see, reap the benefits! Solving these jobs is how you really learn the trade and instilling in our technicians pride in their work and the desire to get the job done and done well.