Caravan TV Antenna Mounting Pros and Cons…..

6 Apr, 2021, 6:33 AM

Good antenna Mounting

Good antenna Mounting is very important to get the best signal.

Being able to adjust your antenna for the correct polarity, height and position,  to be in the signal path is a key factor in producing great pictures.

TV signal behavior is very much like that of light.

It bounces around of objects and is blocked by some objects giving shady spots or no signal. In addition the difference between a shady spot and bright sunlight can be a matter of feet or inches.

Imagine a bright sunny day and the door is open on a building casting a shadow. The shadow has a sharp line against the brightly light area. Imagine then that the antenna is in the shadow, – no pictures, no signal. Now move the antenna a foot to the side into the brightly light area and presto strong signal and great pictures.

So you can see that having a flexible mount that allows for you to move the antenna into the correct height – into the bright light as it were – and allows you to turn your antenna into the vertical polarity position when needed,  is very important for getting good results.

A roof mounted antenna is restricted

A roof mounted antenna is restricted as it may not be able to be moved, except by rotation or by only a small amount of height adjustment. Add to that a signal bounce from the roof of the van – especially for vertically polarized transmitted signals and you can have a difficult time getting a good signal.

The advantages are that the antenna is out of the way and can be quickly wound up or plugged in. This is convenient – but it is not always possible to get a good signal.

A weak mount or flexible mast will result in the antenna swaying around in the wind moving the antenna in and out of the signal path and loosing TV reception.

So the points of a good Mount are:


  • A good strongly mounted antenna,
  • that will not flex excessively,
  • that can easily be adjusted for antenna height and placement and rotation and
  • that allows for a quick adjustment of the antenna into the correct matching polarity of the transmitted signal.

The explorer Product Range of Antenna Masting is designed to deliver just that and is the THE BEST CHOICE for getting great pictures!