Avoid being conned – How taking charge saves you money

6 Apr, 2021, 1:13 AM

Written: November 3, 2017

How many points can you run off one antenna?

Almost any number provided the signal received is good quality and the cables and fittings are handled appropriately.

The cost of inspecting and tracing the fault.

That means ensuring use of the proper tools when terminating cables, plugs and sockets, also that the crimper is the right marriage to

the plug being used. These are very important elements in keeping a signal usable over multiple outlets.

Our findings to date are:

  • that the choice of cable manufacturer,
  • cable care, and
  • bending radius
  • coupled with poor quality fittings and
  • poor quality installation techniques account for many problems.

These problems are totally avoidable with a competent technician on hand.

I object to paying for half a product, because it is not a product at all. It is a con. You think you have purchased something, paid over your money for it, but you did not get what you paid for. This is the very definition of a con.

Recently I have been setting up a 900-plus TV point system at a major sporting venue, and found spots where signal was not arriving adequately. Our inspection showed this was the result of poor knowledge coupled with poor techniques on behalf of the technician doing the job.

When you think about it, the cost to you the customer is outrageous. The cost is threefold:

The original price you paid for the service.

The cost of installing what was needed in the first place.

Everyone is responsible for this:

  • Customers for paying without checking the result – you do not have to pay if you have not got a product or are not satisfied with what has been produced;
  • The professional companies, for not taking a lead in providing the right environment for people in the trade to learn the correct skills to do the job right and to have the right attitudes towards getting the job done correctly; and
  • The individual technician who thinks it is okay to dish up anything and expect to get paid.

There is an obligation for all people involved in the trade to get educated on the subject so they can understand the choices they have to make.

Then, knowing the correct facts, they can make the right purchasing decision for themselves and their clients.

Written By:

Sally Garden

Founder: Wilkgard Technology Group P/L