AM/FM Radio in your Caravan

6 Apr, 2021, 5:13 AM

Written May 18, 2016

FM Radio in your caravan

Yesterday two customers asked us how to connect there FM radio using the TV antenna as the source of signal.

Explorer Antenna Systems can receive FM radio particularly C4 Nomad or East coast systems and the older C3, C2 and C10 models.

If you want to do this ask for a FM extender kit for your explorer antenna which will allow you to connect your TV and FM radio if the FM radio is in a different location within the caravan or RV vehicle. The work is all done on the outside of the caravan.

It involves splitting the signal before it enters the Thru-the-wall fitting. It comes with all parts needed to do the job.


If your radio is next to your TV within the Caravan then a simple quality splitter and cable is all that is needed. We can assist with this too!

AM Signals

The alternative is a separate AM/FM antenna mounted on the side of the van complete with “thru-the-wall fitting and fly lead for connection to your AM/FM radio. The kit needs to provide a neat way of installing an aftermarket fitting. We will keep you informed on this alternative. The advantage of this approach is it provides both AM and FM. AM is still being used in regional areas.


Digital Radio is available in capital cities and the explorer Caravan Antenna System (all models) will work for these signals.


Sally Garden
RF Consultant Founder

Wilkgard Technology Group P/L