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Curved Quick Release Side Mount and Mast – Suitable for RV’s, Hi-Ace Vans


Curved Quick Release Side Mounted Mast Kit.

Part Number: QFPCC-P

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Curved Quick Release Side Mount and Mast-  Suitable for RV’s, Hi-Ace, Sprinter van, Transit Vans.

Curved Quick Release Side Mounts and Masts, one-of-a-kind kit allows for the mast to be clipped on and off in seconds and yet is an extremely strong mount allowing for multiple height adjustments.

It was specifically designed to overcome the problem of the curved sides common to most smaller Mobile homes such as converted Sprinter, HiAce and Transit vans.

It is a full quality no compromise Mast System that can be raised 2.5 meters from the base of the mast, plus the height from the ground that the brackets are mounted onto the side of the Van. Yet it is easy to adjust for height and direction and clips on and off the van in seconds!

No other Masting solution is as flexible or effective for this segment of the market!

This Kit Features:

  • a pre-drilled block requiring only cutting to the correct depth and slope of the vehicle.
  • Full set up detailed fitting instructions.
  • Full Stainless steel Mounting screws and rivets.
  • All brackets and hardware UV Stable Plastic or stainless steel for longevity.
  • Easily adjusted to tune your antenna into the signal while standing comfortably.
  • 1 x 1500 mm and 1 x 1000 mm mast lengths (25.4mm diameter) join together effortlessly to provide a maximum height of 2500 mm plus the mounting height from the ground.
  • Allows for a good height range to adjust the antenna for best signal position.
  • Mast support aluminium pole measures 32mm dia. x 750mm for a study mounting base.
  • Telescopic Pole/Mast also suitable for weather stations.
  • Technical Support.


Antenna Masting Importance and Use:

Our full range of masts and mounts for the caravan are made in Australia. Care is taken to use the best material for both strength, weight and longevity. 

Customers back to 1994 are still using our telescopic mast.  The thumb screws and Tee nuts which are the only parts that can wear or rust out are all replaceable for a nominal amount of money.  Adjusting the antenna for direction and height is a simple thing with the explorer brand.

Adjustable height is very important.  Signals are not all the same. They travel at different heights dependent upon the transmitter sitting, the soil conditions and the general topography.  So, it is super important to have some flexibility with your height adjustment. Fixed units on caravans have this distinct disadvantage. They assume a single height works best all the time.  In addition, the direction alignment is approximate, not exact. Add to that the lack of vertical polarization and you have antennas that are unlikely to perform 50% of the time.

Masts and mounts or poles and mounts are an important element in the search and finding of good television pictures free of pixilation.


  • PRE-Drilled Mounting block with varied depths for the mounting screws already determined and pre-drilled. Simply requires a slope cut at the back with a band saw or hacksaw to match the slope of the vehicle side.
  • All Metal Fixings components are made from Stainless steel or Aluminium (Special wide grip POP rivets) to prevent corrosion.
  • Plastic components are all Black UV stabilised for long life and made from either Nylon or Acetal for strength and dimensional stability (Mounting Brackets or mast Joiner), Polypropylene for a combination of strength and flexibility (Brackets) or HPTE plastic for screw attachment and ease of hand cutting (mounting block).
  • All Masting is made from Anodised Aluminium for corrosion protection to provide many years of service.
  •  The Masting is fully adjustable from the ground-and provides a strong mount that has the flexibility of height adjustment and directional adjustment while installed with just the twist of a single Thumb Screw.
  • The Mast can be extended using the supplied joiner and 1-meter mast pole to ensure that even when in a hilly area you can position the antenna into the signal area that would otherwise be blocked by the mountain or building.

Parts Included

The kit comes complete with:

  • 2 x Black UV stabilised brackets
  • 1 x Pre- Drilled Spacer
  • 1 x 40mm x 5mm stainless steel screw
  • 4 x 5mm stainless steel wing nuts
  • 1 x 1500 mm x 25mm dia. Aluminium mast
  • 1 x 1000 mm x 25mm dia.  Aluminium mast
  • 1 x 750mm x 32mm Dia. aluminium section
  • 2 x 25mm x 5mm dia. stainless steel set screws
  • 2 x polypropylene side mount brackets
  • 1 x 25mm mast cap
  • 8 x small spacers
  • 8 X Stainless steel mounting screws
  • 8 x Mega Grip Rivets (Aluminium)
  • 1 x T-nut
  • 1 x Thumbscrew
  • Black Plastic (ACETAL) Mast extension joiner.

Vendor Information

  • Store Name: Wilkgard Technology Group
  • Vendor: Wilkgard Technology Group
  • Address: 13/12 Edina Rd
    Ferntree Gully
    Victoria 3156
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Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 155 × 11 × 11 cm


180716-QFPCC-P Assembly instructions for the QR Side mounting system -SKU M100-1001 

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