Complete system incorporates everything you need to get great television.  The premium Nomad is the best you can buy.  Works when no other brand does.   Backed by 40 plus years of experience installing antennas in every conceivable situation.

We strongly recommend you to watch our product videos and make the right decision:


  • Vertical and horizontal polarity change is now easy.
  • Connections now all digital “F” straight to the circuit board complete with weather boot.
  • The amplifier complete with 4g filter eliminating 4G pixelation
  • C6A -P Active connection kit that allows either 12-volt plug pack (supplied) or a DC volts supply like a solar panel or battery.
  • Lightweight telescopic mast
  • Quick Release Bracket with fixing that allow removal of your antenna and 2.4M mast- a quick and easy action
  • Full Instruction and Technical support included


Included in the complete system

  • 7 metres of low loss cable terminated and ready to use including weather boots.
  • 12-volt plug pack
  • 1 meter short lead for patching
  • VHF/UHF Antenna
  • Amplifier inc LTE filter
  • Active “Thru-the-Wall” connection system
  • 12 volt DC lead inc fuse
  • HDPE BLACK Plastic Block for curved walls
  • Mast – easy joiner
  • Lightweight anodised aluminium mast
  • Pack of various fixings for various wall constructions
3-year warranty subject to proving ownership and on the product being used as per instruction manual which comes with the product.



A100-1002 + M100-1001

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