Go Anywhere “Nomad” Amplified Complete Caravan Antenna System.


Nomad Amplified VHF UHF Caravan Digital TV Antenna.

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Go Anywhere “Nomad” Amplified Complete Caravan Antenna System


 Complete Remote Area high performance amplified antenna system with Built-in LTE filter. 

(LTE Filter blocks out Mobile phone 4G and 5G frequencies to prevent interference with television signals).

 A THRU-THE- WALL connection kit with built in power injector unique to explorer, completes the system and allows reduced connections and less noise in the signal. 

This small, lightweight, yet powerful Digital Antenna is perfect for the Australian conditions and so easy to use. Just place on your mast and adjust for polarity and point towards the transmitter. Attach your 7-meter cable to the supplied  “Through the wall” connection Kit, and switch on the power.  In just a couple of minutes you’re Done!

This is no gimmicky plastic caravan antenna- that have let so many travelers down in the past- but a real, professionally designed go anywhere Amplified Antenna for high performance in a small package.

Unlike at home or a fixed location, if you are travelling then your Antenna must be able to receive the entire range of Australian Channels efficiently and the explorer caravan antennas are designed to receive the entire VHF and UHF Australian Digital spectrum.

The explorer Nomad Amplified Phased Array Antenna provides excellent gain, and flatness of received signal and is ideal for receiving Vertically and horizontally transmitted signals due to its wide capture area.

In Australia 90 percent of our transmitted signals are in the UHF frequency range. For the additional 10 percent – mostly capital cities – simply screw on the VHF extension arms and you’re ready. Almost half of that 90 percent are transmitted in a Vertically polarity and you must be able to turn your antenna Vertically to match the transmitted signal. The wide capture area makes it perfect for vertical signals. Our new mount allows for a quick, effortless change between the vertical and Horizontal polarity.

In addition, you can receive FM radio signals with the VHF extension arms fitted for improved FM radio reception.

Feature: 1

  • Vertical and horizontal polarity change now easy. A special mounting fitting on the antenna that allows the changing of polarity in an instant!

Feature: 2

  • Connections are all digital “F” straight from our in-house designed Circuit board Balun.
  • The use of the “F” connector reduces pixilation as it provides greater screening and reliability.
  • The cable comes complete with weather boots at each end.

Feature: 3

  • An explorer Active “Thru-the-Wall” connection system  Active connection kit, that allows either 12-volt plug pack (supplied) or a DC 12-volt supply like a solar panel or battery.
  • This fitting is a major reason why the explorer antenna systems are so reliable and efficient. With this fitting we can take the signal straight through the wall without cable and reduce the number of connections and control the quality of that connection in addition it has a built in power supply filter and power injector to supply the amplifier.

Feature: 4

  • The amplifier complete with LTE (4G and 5G and above signals) filter and fully gain adjustable to local signal conditions.


Antenna gain 

  • is a measure of increased signal strength based against a worldwide standard.


  • is the property of an Antenna to have more gain (signal receiving capability) in a specified direction and of a certain width.


  • is the Property of an antenna to receive the signals, it is designed to receive, with equal efficiency on all channels. This is very important when using a Mast head amplifier (or Booster).

F Connector

  • The best Digital cable connection is the Screw On “F” Connector designed for digital HD. It is a fully shielded robust connection that is easy to install with no special tools required.  It is also a superior connection for the UHF frequencies and is the standard used by us in all our products.


A very important component of the antenna as its efficiency is a large contributor to the overall antenna performance. As such We have designed our own circuit board Balun for this product.

The word Balun is a word made from two words “Balanced” and “Unbalanced”. It refers to the requirement for matching a balanced antenna signal to an Unbalanced Coaxial cable.

Capture Area

This is simply the area that the Antenna presents to the transmitted signal. A phased array Antenna is often superior for Vertically transmitted signal reception, due to the fact that the signal moves around in the wind and due to changes in weather. The wide area of the face of the antenna, allows the antenna to still maintain reception over a much larger weather spectrum than other styles of Antenna.



  • UHF 2 pole Phased Array TV Antenna.
  • VHF Dipole with extendable sections.
  • Built in UHF/VHF diplexer Filter.
  • High performance low noise Circuit board Balun with F connector fitting.
  • Frequency range VHF MHz 174- 230, UHF MHz 526 – 694.
  • Australian Channel 6 – 12, and 28-51.
  • Antenna Gain UHF dBµV 10.
  • Antenna Gain VHF dBµV 2.
  • Front/back ratio dB 15.
  • Impedance 75.

Parts Included

The kit comes complete with

  • 7 metres of low loss cable terminated and ready to use including weather boots.
  • 12-volt plug pack
  • 1  short lead for amplifier supply or  bypass
  • VHF/UHF Antenna
  • Amplifier
  • “Thru-the-Wall” connection system
  • 2 x VHF screw-on extension arms
  • Full Instructions
  • Technical support
  • DC 12-volt supply
  • 1-metre fly lead for use with TV set


Vendor Information

  • Store Name: Wilkgard Technology Group
  • Vendor: Wilkgard
  • Address: 13/12 Edina Rd
    Ferntree Gully
    Victoria 3156
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Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 54 × 34 × 12 cm

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